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How to create / Add New User?

Users are discrete identities authorized to log into a business signed up with GLOW. They are created by and granted permissions by business owners consistent with their assigned duties. User's accounts that could be created is limited by GLOW Administrator based upon the plan you signup. To create new user follow steps below:

Create User

  1. Go to Control Panel page
  2. Click on the Configuration text button
  3. Click Users from the sidebar menu
  4. Click the New User button under the user tab
  5. Enter the First Name
  6. Enter Last Name
  7. Enter Email. This email will be used to login to a user account
  8. Enter Mobile No
  9. Attach Picture only .jpg and .jpeg type file is allowed.
  10. Click Save button

Assign Roles

  1. Click Assign Roles tab
  2. Search & Select user from the search bar at the top right
  3. check all checkboxes which you want to assign to user 
  4. click save button

A new user will be created, and roles will be assigned. Now the user will log in by email provided in the email section and with default password '123'. And change the password after login.



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