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What is Update Tuition Fee used for?

Update Tuition Fee Module is specially designed to update student's fee batch wise. In this module all students of selected batch are displayed in table to perform updation in fee. Using this Modules follwoing functionalities could be performed:

  • All / Single service could be replaced of a batch
  • All / single discount could be replaced of a batch
  • Single student service or discount could be updated
  • New Service could be applied to All students
  • New service could be applied to only one student

What is the difference between Withdraw and Graduation?

A student who has completed a level degree and left school after that degree completion will be considered as graduated. You will issue a character Certificate to graduated students.It may included

  1. Primary level (Five) study completion and decided not to continue studies from your school/institution.
  2. Elementary Level (Eight) Study completion and decided not to continue studies from your school/institution.
  3. Secondary Level (Tenth) study completion.

All student who left school without completing their graduation will be withdrawn. Student Leaving Certificate will be issued to withdrawn students. 


What is Inquiry Option?

Inquiry Option:  

                  Inquiry is simply an approach that involves a process of exploring new things. In this inquiry module the visitor inquires related to school information. 

What is Transport Fee?

Transport Fee is the fee Charged to apply on Employees and Students which are used to transport for pick and drop at Institutions of Higher education. 


What is Keyword?

A keyword is a short code to fetch and display a specific data from database. Keywords are generated by System administrator and user can only use it. To Insert a keyword select a keyword from the list and click insert keyword button. Keyword will be inserted. Note that there must be single white space before and after a keyword. Otherwise system will generate error message "Error! Please enter valid keyword"

How to Close a Session / Academic Year?

Follow steps below to Close Academic Year.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Academic Year Setting under Academics Tab
  3. Click edit button  under action column in front of academic year needs to be closed.
  4. Change Status as “Inactive”
  5. Click Save Button.

Academic Year will be closed.

Why we need to close an Academic Year?

Previous Academic Year needs to be closed so may all its Courses & Batches disappear from where these are not required. And new Academic Years’ Courses & Batches can take their place.

What is Counter 0/765 [0/5 SMS]?

Counter is a message characters counter. This will show total character (Alphabets, numbers) count written in message box including space. There are different characters Limit could be sent for both language.


Total Length:                        5 SMS
Total Characters:               725 characters (including spaces)

1st SMS                                   1 to160 characters

2nd SMS                                  161 to 320 characters

3rd SMS                                   321 to 480 characters

4th SMS                                   481 to 640 characters

5th SMS                                   641 to 765 characters


Total Length:                        5 SMS

Total Characters:               335 characters (including spaces)

1st SMS                                    1 to 70 characters

2nd SMS                                  71 to 140 characters

3rd SMS                                   141 to 210 characters

4th SMS                                    211 to 280 characters

5th SMS                                   281 to 335 characters

How Per Day and Per Hour Rate work in creating Payslips?

Following Fields are considered while calculating Pay on Per Day Rate Type and Per Hour Rate Type.

  1. Days
  2. Hours
  3. Minutes
  4. Rate 
  5. Hours in Day

Per Day Rate

Suppose Days = 29, Hours = 2, Minutes = 30, Rate = 500, and  Hours in Day= 8. 

= [(Days*Rate) + {Hours*(Rate/Hours In Day)} +  [Minutes*{(Rate/Hours in Day)/60}] ]

= [(29*500) + {2*(500/8)} + [30*{(500/8)/60}]]


14,656.25 round off = 14657/-.


Per Hour Rate 

Suppose Days = 29, Hours = 2, Minutes = 30, Rate = 125, and  Hours in Day= 4. 

= [{Days*(Rate*Hours In Day)}+(Hours*Rate)+{Minutes*(Rate/60)}]

=[{29*(125*4)} + (2*125) + {30*(125/60)}]

=[14500 + 250 + 62.5]

=14812.5 round off = 14813/-


How to add new Student to assessment sheet?

An assessment sheet is created and a new student is added to the class after the assessment sheet creation. Now to add that new student in the assessment sheet only what step is needed. Update assessment sheet the new students will be added to that assessment.