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How to Add New Inquiry?

Front Office is an option in which all pre-admission inquiries are recorded and managed. Visitor details will be filled out and student details will be recorded as well if needed. Follow-ups will be managed and inquiry status will be managed.

  1. Go to Front Office from Side Bar Menu
  2. On Add/Edit Inquiry Tab record inquiry following details:

Inquiry Information

  1. Name: Visitor's Name will be recorded in the name field.
  2. Contact any contact No will be recorded in this field. 
  3. Mobile No for SMS Active mobile no will be recorded in this field which will be used to send SMS.
  4. Email: Visitor email will be noted here if available.
  5. Address: Postal and permanent address will be recorded in this field
  6. Description: Details you want to record about inquiry
  7. Note: Note is special note which will be added by inquiry recorder person for their own record and management purpose
  8. Date: Enter the date of that day in which the inquiry recorded
  9. Next Follow-up Date: In this field we enter the date of the next follow up from our own site
  10. Assigned:  Details of  that person who look after this inquiry
  11. Reference :  Detail of that person who is referring of that school
  12. Source: In this field we enter source from which we know about the school for example  advertisement, admission campaign and google adds
  13. Search Filter:  Any word, title or phrase from which you want to search this inquiry later on could be added in search filter

Student Information (If Needed)

  1. Click Plus Sign 
  2. Enter Student Name
  3. Enter Father Name
  4. Select Student Gender
  5. Select Student Date of Birth
  6. Select Course: from all active courses & Batch of Active academic Years from the list. 
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 if you need to enter more student's details.
  8. Click Save & Close or Save & New
  9. Inquiry Slip could also be issued 

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