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How to Add New Employee?

  1. Go to Employee from side bar menu
  2. Go to New Employee Tab
  3. Enter Employee Official Information
    1. Identification No an unique identifier assign to each HR from Organization is auto-generate and editable. No two employees can have same identification no.
    2. Select Department from which employee belong i.e. Academic Staff, Executive Staff, Non-Teaching Staff etc.
    3. Select Designation is defined as job title of employee
    4. Select Joining Date by default is set to today date.
    5. Select Job Type i.e. Permanent, Contract Base, Part time etc.These options are system provided and un-editable.
    6. Enter Education as academic qualification if any.
    7. Enter Experience if any
    8. Enter Bank Name in which employee has account if any
    9. Enter Bank Account No of employee if any 
  4. Enter Employee Basic Information
    1. Enter Employee Name
    2. Enter Employee Father Name
    3. Enter Employee Mother Name
    4. Select Gender
    5. Select Religion
    6. Select Nationality
  5. Enter Employee Personal Information
    1. Select Employee Date of Birth
    2. Enter Employee Birth Place
    3. Enter Employee CNIC 
    4. Select CNIC Expiry date
    5. Select Employee Blood Group
    6. Enter Employee Social Society No if any
    7. Enter Employee NTN (National Tax Number) if any
    8. Enter Employee EOBI if any
    9. Enter details if any Disability
    10. Select Marital Status
  6. Enter Employee Contact Information
    1. Enter Street Address
    2. Enter Building, flat or floor details
    3. Enter City Name
    4. Enter Province Name
    5. Enter Zip Code
    6. Enter Employee Email address
    7. Enter Employee Personal Mobile No
    8. Enter Landline No if any
    9. Enter Mobile No for SMS. SMS send from GLOW Portal will be sent to this number.
  7. Enter Emergency Contact Details
    1. Enter Person Name to whom in any emergency will be contacted.
    2. Enter Employee Relation with this person
    3. Enter Emergency Contact Person Mobile No
    4. Enter Emergency Contact person landline No
    5. Enter Street Address of Emergency Contact person
    6. Enter Building, flat or floor details of Emergency Contact person
    7. Enter City Name of Emergency Contact person
    8. Enter Province Name of Emergency Contact person
  8. Click Save & Close to save details and show in list or Save & New to Save Record and enter a new one.

Note: Only Fields with red colored asterisk * sign are mandatory to save record. 


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