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How to Add new Income & Expense Transactions?

Income & Expense Transactions appear on Campus base. Here you can add all receiving and spending money's transactions.

After login click on " Expanding Sign " in the front of the Control Panel Tab.

  1. Click on "Plus Sign" in the front of the "Open Business" Button
  2. Go to the "Income & Expense" Module from the sidebar menu
  3. Select "Date"
  4. Code "Auto-generated"
  5. Select "Type" ("Spend Money" or "Receive Money")
  6. Select "Account" ("Cash Transaction" or "Bank Transaction")
  7. Add "Description"
  8. Select "Filter"
  9. Select "Account Head"
  10. Add "Description" (Here you can add any description about account head)
  11. Add "Amount"
  12. Click on "Plus Sign" ( Clicking by it you can add another transaction) & (Clicking by "Cross Sign" you can remove it)
  13. Click on "Save & Close" and "Save & New" Button








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