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How to send Broadcast SMS?

1. Go to “Notification Center”

2. Go to “SMS Sending” tab

3. Select “Broadcast” in sub tab

4. Select Status i.e. Enrolled, Withdrawn or Graduated.

5. Select Contacts you want to send SMS by clicking “To” Box. 

6. Write Subject (a Title about what SMS is being sent)

7. Select SMS language as English Or Urdu (Language in which you want to type your sms for sending)

8. Select Template or You can type message directly here instead of selecting a template.

9. Check SMS Counter to view that how much SMS will be deducted.

10.  Click send
Read carefully confirmation box and click Yes if you want to send after confirmation. else if you want to make changing click No and perform Required changing and repeat steps 10 and 11.

Note: Once you click on “To” text box all contacts will be shown. All Contacts will include

1.All Students (All enrolled Students will be selected)

  1. All Employees (All Active Employee will be selected)
  2. All Inquiries (All Records in Inquiry List will be Selected)
  3. All Personal Contacts (All Contacts in Personal Contacts will be Selected)
  4. All Section Names (one or more sections could be selected)
  5. All Student Names (one or More Student could be Selected)
  6. All Employees Names (one or more employees could l be selected)
  7. Contact Groups (one or more contact groups could be selected)
  8. All Contacts in Contact Groups (one or more contacts from personal contacts could be selected)

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