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Must to know things before starting using GLOW

A must read before you start using GLOW

1. Information Management Software

Glow is a Student Information Management system which includes other necessary features needs in educational institutions. It is not a stock and inventory management system. Students inquiries & Admissions Record Management, Employees Record Management, fee management, result management, Staff & student attendance Management is performed in GLOW. 

2. Training 

GLOW is the most user-friendly ERP product for the educational institutions. But you can not learn everything about GLOW in a day or two. It has a lot of features needs to be learned and understand correctly hence needs one to two weeks of dedicated usage to understand correctly. You can assign one of your team members to the task of get Training and learn and understand GLOW. Get a complete demo to test the application first before using the GLOW for your Institution. in This way you will be completely familiar with GLOW and learning and understanding during working will be easy. You can refer your key person the articles which describe the preparation steps for Software implementation.

3. Implementation

To implement GLOW you need to do this step by step in phases. You need to enter the current student's details and then run the application with the basic modules of courses & Batches, Student Attendance etc. Then Go to Fee Module, Assessment Module, Employees Module. Don't use all the modules from the day one.

4. Common Mistakes

  • Your logo needs to be designed in 150*110 pixel dimension and . If not, your logo may appear blurred or cropped. File Type Allowed: JPEG and JPG else logon will not be attached.
  • All pictures (Student Pictures, Employees Pictures) should be Passport size and in JPEG and JPG file format.
  • Don't delete/edit the default admin user without creating another admin user. Once deleted or edited, you should remember the admin id so that you can login again. Give correct Email id for the admin user so that even if you forget the password, you can recover it. 
  • To use SMS service You need to buy Mask approved by PTA and activate SMS Package. For this Contact to GLOW Services Department.

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