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How to Mark Employee Mannual Attendance?

  1. Go to Employee Attendance from Side bar menu
  2. Go to Manage  Attendance tab
  3. Go to Attendance sub tab. Here you will find Mark Attendance tab and Attendance List
  4. Click Mark Attendance button at the top left of the table.
  5. Default Date is set today date and editable.
  6. Select Employee
  7. Select Attendance Type as Full Day, First Half and Second Half.
  8. Select In Time in case of Full Day and First Half.
  9. Select Out Time in case of Full Day and Second Half.
  10. Click Plus Sign to Mark more Employees Attendance on the same date. and repeate Step 6-9.
  11. Click Save & Close to save  Manual Attendance and close the firm or Save & New to save attendance of selected date and mark an other date.

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