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How to Check Batch Balance Register?

  1. Go to Fee from side bar menu. 
  2. Go to Student Balance Register Tab 
  3. Select Batch from drop down at the top right corner of table. All Students of selected batch will be loaded in table. Only 10 Students will be displayed in first Page. This Selection could be changed to 25, 50 and 100 from the lower left corner of the table. 
  4. Table will display Following Details regarding each student:
    1. ​Serial Number
    2. Kuickpay Id: Online payment Id of each student. this will only show if GPay is activated.
    3. Admission No 
    4. Student Name
    5. Father Name
    6. Gender
    7. Advance Fee if student has paid fee in advance will show in this column.
    8. Balance Due if student has pending dues will show in this column.
    9. Action Column will provide the following options
      1. Take Payment gowill show in front of all those student who has pending dues.
      2. Delete Transaction deleteused to delete payment / fee received from particular student.
      3. Print Receipt print used to print last Payment receipt.
  5. To check details of Student Click Expand expandat the start of student name. This will show following details regarding a student Balance Register.
    1. Receipt No 
    2. Fee Title against which fee vouchers are created for particular student
    3. Receipt Total show total invoice amount
    4. Total Paid show total amount paid of particular invoice
    5. Last Payment Date will show the date last payment was made against particular invoice
    6. Actions will show 
      1. Take Payment Option for unpaid invoices
      2. Delete Option for Paid Invoices
      3. Print Payment Receipt Option 
    7. Status invoice could have following statuses
      1. Paid in N Days (i.e. Paid in 10 days) describe unpaid invoice should be paid in N days from today.
      2. Over Due describe due date has over and invoice is still unpaid.
      3. Paid in full describe invoice id fully paid.
      4. Paid in Half describe some amount against this invoice has been paid and some amount is still pending.
      5. Over paid describe Amount paid against this invoice is greater then invoice amount. This status is very rare and only could happen if invoice amount is edited after making full payment against invoice.
    8. Description has an option to view description saved against this invoice if any.

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